Chileshe Mwansa

MEng Civil & Structural Engineer

Structural Engineer and BIM Modeller


Chileshe joined Tarmac in 2017 as a Structural Engineer and BIM Modeller bringing with him 5 years of postgraduate experience. His passion lies within the full front of innovative design by fostering model technology.


"I have been privileged to work alongside a number of steel and concrete organisations and teams in support of the implementation and use of building information modelling tools. BIM is certainly the future of successful and efficient construction projects. I have a passionate for engineering and technology and how the two can effectively be employed to bring great value to client designs and to the construction process."


Chileshe's notable projects

Tarmac Structural Engineering was commissioned by the client to develop a modular housing that can designed and fabricated offsite. These houses are unique in terms of achieving high level of environmental performance and accordingly we are targeting carbon neutral and HQM 5* rating.

As per the client requirements and instruction we have now designed a highly robust housing unit that is fully equipped with all the services and finishes and ready to be occupied within 1 weeks of delivery.

We have been approached by many of the national house builders to develop modular double and single garages which can be fabricated offsite and can be installed within few hours. We have now successfully developed these garages which will take them out of the critical construction path.


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