Building Information Modelling (BIM)

At Tarmac, we use Building Information Modelling (BIM) as a core part of our service and actively support the latest building processes and technologies. Most recently, there has been a significant advantage in the use of 3D computer modelling and BIM has become a requirement for clients in their projects.

The BIM process encourages forward thinking and smart use of building data. We integrate the design with delivery using an open BIM approach. We have actively redefined internal workflows to make full use of BIM, making our design smarter and more efficient and improving project collaboration and communications involving all disciplines to minimise error and maximise quality.

Our experience has shown that the use of BIM improves the level of collaboration and coordination amongst the various disciplines involved in the design and construction stages of a project.



The use of BIM has many features including:

  • A substantial increase in the design team’s ability to deliver accurate documentation on complex and multidisciplinary projects
  • Improved confidence in bills of quantities, material lists and requirements to assist with cost estimates
  • Higher efficiencies in the engineering cost to deliver a design due to the sharing of information
  • Increased constructability and reduced risk of any inaccuracies on the project
  • Co-ordinated timely delivery of design documentation
  • Lower cost related to more accurate design, reduced duplication of work and better coordination
  • Improved whole-of-life cost savings throughout the asset management phase due to the availability of information regarding how things were designed, specified, built and maintained

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